The glass veranda

Date: Friday 22 sep 2017 - Saturday 7 Oct 2017

When you book a table you automatically book tickets for the evening’s concert and seats to enjoy dinner before the performance. The price includes tickets. Food and drink is paid for at the table.

If you book a table in the glass veranda you’ll be a bit further away from the stage, next to the dining room. The rooms are separated by large, airy windows and doorways which means that you always get a pretty good view. Excellent sound quality is provided right throughout the venue by our sound system. When you’ve been seated you can choose from the à la carte menu. We expect guests to eat at least one main meal per person. If you’re not eating there are bar places available.
It’s important to arrive in time for your booking. We’ll hold the bar place 20 minutes but then it will go to someone on the waiting list.

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